Sunday, April 23, 2006

How do you measure?

Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes
Five hundred twenty-five thousand moments so dear...

How do you measure a year? How do you fit all of your memories in a single year? How do you keep a day from lasting. How do you stop a year from ending - all five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes of it?

Saturday, August 20, 2005


let them fall
ragged tears
from troubles skies

winged beings
for i am dead

let them fall
golden god tears

weep gods above
i am dead

i am dead


its a cycle.

i am once again cursed to wallow in despair. i met him -loved him. it was very wonderful. i have opened up again. now pain is my companion and rage is my friend. i have once again lost the war.

this war has taken its toll on my soul. i am wounded and bloody. my hands tremble. i have dropped my sword. my body is weak.

i feel pain. i fear pain.

i am once again wounded. the war is over. let rain wash my weary body and cleanse my tired soul.

i hate falling in love.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

whisper into my ears
sweet sonnets
of sunrise
and sunsets

whisper in my ears
poems of love and
songs of fire faires

harp in the air your beautiful melody
set me to sleep tight in your arms
little boy, touch me and be mine

whisper you'll be mine
and i will gladly say

yes, i will gladly say


for you, who makes my mornings and sets my nights - evan

Friday, April 01, 2005


moonlight slices
silence as thick
as december fog

i reach out for you
i long to touch
and feel your skin
next to mine

but moonlight is nowhere to be found

and i lay alone
i imagine
your body next to mine

but silence is thick
as december's fog loom over me
i am covered


silence is cold
cold is silence

---for little boy evan, with all his little silent ways

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

little wings

come away
and walk with me
through the clouds

like little boys
in fields of gold

fill the air
with gold-tinged songs
and laughter

i'll shower you
with stardust

come away
and lie with me
in cottonfields

your newly crafted wings

for you are now like me
winged and happy

fly away with me
little wings

fly with me

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

eulogy to Ermita's star streetwalker

along the streets of Ermita
she walks
cigarette in hand
bag in tow

her fire red lips
slowly blowing smoke

she shakes her head
and ruffles her hair

along the streets of Ermita
Luna walked
enveloped by the night
shrouded in the fleeting darkness

Luna walked
her feet knew no end
in search for someone
in search of herself

along the streets of Ermita
in one dark corner
Luna lay
knife in hand - a slashed wrist in tow

she could've been someone
had you came along
you could've saved her soul
had you let her go

under the guava tree

under the guava tree
you and i played
sitting under its leafy arms
we hid from the world

under the guava tree
we laugh
but only discreetly
for nanay might hear

under the guava tree
we forged a pact
never to leave each other
nev'r to part

under the guava tree
i said i love you
you looked deep into my eyes
i wanted that night to last

we kissed
under the star covered canopy
we laid together
until the sun painted us crimson

under the guava tree
you said i love you
beneath its sturdy embrace
you whispered goodbye

i wept and ran
nanay wouldn't care
i have lost my friend
i have lost my kuya

under the guava tree
you promised to return
to take me away
from nanay's iron grip

under the guave tree i waited
like a prisoner of war
i kept counting the days
until you return

you never did.
under the guava tree i hang.

dirty room

he walks
slowly into the room
I stood beside him

the room
filled with memories
of dusk

bottles and burned cigar
clutter the floor

dawn arrives
cutting through the oblivion
I depart.

this room
filled with memories
is once again cluttered

bottles,cigars and blood
cover his grotesque body

I smile.
for it is done

tonight this room is dirty no more.

window lovers

jose rm. 468

i wait
for his silhouette

to see his body
across the street
in his dark hotel room

i would wait again tonight

for maybe
just maybe
it'll be my last

bradley rm. 453

he waits again
across the street

these windows are my doors
to reach him
to touch him

he feeds my soul
he ignites my passion

tonight i will wait with him

for maybe
just maybe
it'll be our last

the board said

tonight my silhouette won't be alone
for maybe,just maybe
he'll come with me


caressing my body
your hands know no limit
slowly you glide down
deeper into me

inside me
monsters rumble
groaning, fighting
wanting to be set free

like smoke from this cigar
you left an hour ago

you lingered
only for a minute
only to be lost
as soon as i touch you


morning comes
slicing the darkness in my room
uncovering the secrets i buried
the night before

the night before
i lay with you in slumber
unearthing passions caged
the other day

the other day
i was watching you sip your coffee
flicking your cigarrette
into the wind

into the wind
my thoughts lie shaken
hanging on the wall
the denims you filled so well

the denims you filled so well
are nowhere to be found
and so are you.

Monday, February 07, 2005

untitled #1

i have lived my life from one place to another. walking, continuously searching. looking for a place i could call mine

walking, continuously walking. my feet knows no end.

fear. i fear fear.

i want to stop walking...

i want to stop..

i want to..

i want..